Perth’s top citizen awards

HOMELESSNESS advocate Mark Piggott has been recognised as Perth’s citizen of the year.

Mr Piggott works at St Bart’s helping people work through their trauma to help get them back into stable housing. 

West Perth Local scored the active citizenship group award for putting on events and advocating for their patch’s businesses and residents.

The group was one of several neighbourhood teams set up after Perth MP John Carey’s Perth City Summit. 

Perth’s youth citizen of the year was Zal Kanga-Parabia from Propel Youth Arts, for his help supporting local artists and non-profits. 

Bayswater citizen of the year went to Anna Harrison, founder and CEO of Umbrella Community Care, while the group award went to Baysie Rollers, senior was age-friendly ambassador Ingrid Schubert, junior was Brady Rickert-O’Shea and the women in leadership award went to Lisa Li for her work with the Chinese Neighbourhood Watch Group.

In Stirling, Gary Hale is citizen of the year for volunteering at football, basketball and softball clubs. Senior award went to retired teacher Kaye Liddelow who formed the Balga Action Group which has lobbied to improve the area. The young citizen award went to Akash Parekh from the Stirling Youth Advocates, and the group award went to the Good Chat Foundation for its work sponsoring kids from low-income families to get involved in sports. 

Vincent doesn’t do Active Citizenship awards anymore, replacing them with other awards in 2014, and just holds the citizenship ceremony on Australia Day. 

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