Big Blue gets a Covid cover-up

EVEN Vincent’s Big Blue Head got masked up in line with the state’s Covid decree.

Artist Sarah Chopra’s mask addition for Ken Sealey’s “Beseech” sculpture on Loftus Street is one of the projects funded by Vincent council’s “arts relief grants” from last year. 

$151,000 was spread across 16 projects aimed at supporting artists as their usual gigs dried up during the covid pandemic, including the coronavirus video game we featured last month (“Gamers on a roll,” Voice, January 16 2021).

The mask, funded for $655, took a while to get off the ground because of contracting and invoicing delays and late last year the council’s Covid committee got a little concerned about the “relevance of project” given how rosy the situation looked in WA.

But a conveniently timed five day lockdown gave time for the artist to get busy at home with a regular domestic sewing machine, and a conveniently timed edict to wear a mask 

in public gave it continued relevance as Bluey’s mask went up this week.

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