Lyric nod

Klopper & Davis Architectures’ design for Australian Development Capital’s new building.

A SEVEN-STOREY apartment to be built over Maylands’ former Lyric Theatre on Eighth Avenue has been approved.

The development assessment panel’s approval allowing demolition of the roof, interior, and parts of the theatre’s external walls while keeping the front facade, pokes a couple of holes in Bayswater council’s “category 2” heritage ranking bestowed on the building a year ago.

That classification said the old Lyric had a “high degree” of authenticity and said 

“conservation of the place is highly desirable. Any alterations or extensions should reinforce the significance of the place”.

The developers, Australian Development Capital, say the building’s “unique character and history is something we plan to incorporate and celebrate in the redevelopment”, while extra residents and a green laneway would help liven up Maylands.

A condition of approval requires photographs of the building be taken for Bayswater council’s archival records. 

During consultation 24 Maylands locals supported it and 16 objected, with concerns including the height being above the usual limit and the loss of theatre heritage.


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