Fresh is first at Maylands IGA

Suzanne serves up the daily roast.

The team works hard to bring customers what they want

By Jane Grljusich
Herald Promotions

Your Maylands IGA is all about you. 

Management and staff work tirelessly to look after their customers and bring you what you want – the freshest and best quality produce at value for money prices and all with excellence in customer service. 

Manager Sally Kelly has been running the business for more than a year now, and she and her team thrive on ensuring their customers are happy. 

“Our focus is Fresh, Quality and Good Value,” Sally told the Voice.

“Maylene in Fruit and Veg visits the markets periodically and works with a team of buyers to get our ‘eyes on the different market fl oors’, and some of our produce comes direct from local farmers,” she said. 

“We love hearing comments from customers that ‘your fruit & veg is fresher’.

Our new butcher Ben is bringing in fresh lamb and pork carcasses and has introduced a wide range of meats fresh cut in-store, and increased our range of Mt Barker chicken.  I’m excited about our improved offering – whether you are barbequing, roasting, slow cooking, grilling or making braun, you’ll fi nd what you are looking for in our meat fridge, along with some fantastic bargains.

But don’t forget the deli – your eyes will certainly be bigger than your stomach with the freshest cooked and freshly prepared items on offer. 

“Our crew in the deli start cooking at 5.30am for breakfast, and by mid-morning the roast meats, veggies, curries and other dishes are out of the oven,” Sally said.  

“Zahra tells me tradies say they love it when they are working in our area – continental rolls, roast meat rolls, dinners, and our sausage rolls are favourites. 

“There are daily varieties of curries, pasta, risotto, lasagne, meatballs, frittata and salads – all made in-store.”

And there’s something for the sweet-tooths too. 

“They keep us baking with our in-store desserts rushing out from the Grab & Go,” Sally said.

“Bread and butter pudding, rice pudding, trifl e, apple crumble, chocolate mousse, cheesecake and more.”

Sally says an increasing number of customers are vegetarian or vegan and/or extremely health conscious. 

“June has them covered with a whole fridge in our dairy section dedicated to those lines,” Sally said. 

“We have a wide variety of specialty lines which we are constantly reviewing and for the foodies we have introduced a gourmet section. 

I’m lucky to have a wonderful team of staff who take pride in looking after our customers, and enjoy coming to work. Meeting the needs of our customers is what helps improve our business and wherever possible we are happy to source specifi c requirements.”

Maylands IGA is the place to shop. 

Promote your business. Contact Jane today on 0417 814 128 or at

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