Letters 6.3.21

City hall is the common problem

WOW, I couldn’t believe what I was reading; Vincent council (headed by mayor Emma Cole) decided in 

its infinite wisdom, that a hastily, poorly designed public open space is 

“underpopulated” because of noise, pollution from cars and 14 “prangs” in five years (that would equate to a prang every 18.6 weeks just to put it in context) (“Cars out to fix common, Voice, January 9, 2021”). 

Maybe the council should consider that its location wasn’t right in the first place, maybe it’s because a verge-sized strip of lawn, a picnic bench and some coloured overhead rings just doesn’t cut it as a desirable open space.

Or maybe there’s just no reason to want to sit in such an uninspiring, sun-drenched place other than to catch your breath if you are an elderly person.

I find this logical fallacy of blaming cars absurd, it would be like saying Woodville Reserve is being under-utilised now and therefore, it must be because of the high traffic from Fitzgerald Street, so let’s close it off, divert traffic and create traffic problems elsewhere so we can further blame cars and eventually get a walking, bike riding utopia. 

But wait, it gets even more absurd; the so-called public space was created 1.5 years ago to get some “casual hang out space” in a “pedestrian unfriendly strip”…that’s because it was a street (hardly a strip) with the usual footpaths on either side and a number of premium car bays, of which seven or eight were lost in the unnecessary upgrade.

I think that it’s become obvious that the council simply follows international Global Action Plans under the banner of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals to make cars the scourge of its vibrant inner city community, and in particular #11.

The council either implies or creates a vehicle problem, then uses the grievance of advocates or lobbyists (either internal or external) and then offers the solution that was the intended policy in the first place, regardless if it’s beneficial or wanted by the community at large. 

I would suggest that the council and mayor are remiss in their public duties and obligations to their electorate and ratepayers to obtain informed consent from a proper, open consultation process, not their token illusion of consultation on whether slow points need to be added in nearby streets after a grossly mismanaged event. 

This is complete bureaucratic madness; Vincent ratepayers, road users and local businesses should call for an immediate suspension of this ridiculous project and call for those responsible to be sacked.

G Lorenzon.
North Perth
Ed’s note: This letter has been edited for legal reasons.

A fictional rate cut 

MAYOR Emma Cole’s ‘message’ to the community about commercial waste in the February 27 edition of the Voice looks to be either claiming a fictional rates reduction or demonstrating a misunderstanding about how rates are calculated.

She claimed commercial ratepayers next financial year would “experience a lower rate-in-the-dollar compared to residential ratepayers in line with a reduced service”.

The lower commercial rates have nothing to do with the reduced waste service they were determined before the city decided to abandon its commercial waste collection.

The reality is that businesses are paying a lower rate-in-the-dollar because commercial GRVs didn’t drop this year as much as residential GRVs in the last revaluation.

The residential rate in the dollar had to be significantly increased to ensure the residential‚commercial split stayed about the same as last year, thus pushing the residential rate above the commercial rate. 

The reality is that businesses are paying about the same share they have for the last few years.

Clearly the comparatively lower rate-in-the-dollar has nothing to do with the removal of the commercial waste collection and it is disingenuous to imply businesses are being compensated by more than the announced one-off rebate.

Also, her statement that “we are here to help you every step of the way”, and the suggestion that the waste team will visit every business, is an admission that there is a problem of the city’s making, and an indicator of an inefficient use of resources. 

Supposedly the waste team will visit every business in Vincent.

Surely it would have been far more efficient for the waste team to organise one contract to collect the waste from 2,111 businesses rather than visit each and every one of them, and then have each and every one of them arrange their own contract.

It’s time for the city to stop trying to defend the indefensible. And it’s time for the council to intervene and stop this madness, and take a more customer-focussed approach.

Dudley Maier

The Good News Club

Hello members

Yes, I’m talking to you

We’ve had our first 2021 meeting 

Of The Good News Club

And where were you ?

I know its been hot

Allright you were holidaying on Rotto

Anyhow, if you think your letter of apology arrived

Well, quite simply it did not

However I am prepared to share the minutes ,it will only take 60 seconds, maybe more

For there is ALWAYS good news out there 

That one just can’t ignore

There still ARE good books to read which make you laugh out loud 

There ARE children with mobiles that make a parent proud

I was eavesdropping 

(I hope that’s not against the law)

On a teenage boy that I saw

He finished his conversation with 

“ ‘luv you Mum”

What more can I say 

As my heart strings start to fray

Cept’ You BETTER attend the February meeting or heads will fall

Gotta’ go now and give my Mother a call

Lee Lövmark
South Terrace

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