FOGO caddies out in a month

FOGO is starting in Bayswater with the “kitchen caddies” going out now and due to be in every home within the next four weeks.

Under the new three bin system the lime green lidded bins currently used for garden waste will now also take food and be picked up weekly. The kitchen caddies are little bins with compostable liners for food waste, because plastic bags can’t go in the green bin. 

The red-lidded bins will be for non-organic waste that can’t go in the recycling bin, and they’ll now be picked up fortnightly. 

Nappies have been a big sticking point because they’ll now be sitting for up to 14 days in the red bin instead of being collected weekly. 

Bayswater’s put out a lengthy list of tips for reducing odour from nappies, continence pads and menstrual products. Residents are advised to try tipping the contents into the toilet before disposing, double-sealing them in plastic bags before they go in the red bin, putting kitty litter in the bin to neutralise odours, and keeping the bin out of direct sunlight.

Bayswater council predicts about half of what currently goes in the general bin will be instead be kept out of landfill and turned to compost. 

The state government wants all councils to shift to FOGO but Bayswater’s done it early for environmental reasons but also reckons it “makes financial sense” according to the letter going out to residents this week.

“We will avoid paying the state government waste levy on food and organic waste sent to landfill”.

Businesses can opt out but only by switching to a commercial waste collector. 


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