Last pick-up

ONE final bulk rubbish verge collection is scheduled in Vincent during July.

Both treasured and reviled, the yearly tradition of a month-long scavenger hunt is being phased out after too many complaints about people dumping garbage weeks before pickup time, poorly behaved trash-pickers, and out-of-towners swinging by to add their non-Vincent garbage to local piles.

Another problem was people dumping at the wrong time of year; around West Perth, the recent green waste collection tricked some into assuming the branches on the verge meant it was time to throw out a fridge or other broken furniture.

After July’s final trash hurrah, the council will go to the on-demand “Verge Valet” system for an 18-month trial.

From January 2022, residents can order an on-call garbage collection: No skip, just a pile on the verge for no more than three days before collection.

The move is counter to the community consultation results which asked residents which system they liked: 52 per cent preferred a scheduled yearly pickup, 42 per cent wanted on-request, and 8 per cent were undecided.

Despite the results, Vincent staff recommended the on-demand system to address the illegal dumping and public amenity complaints. 

Councillors are due to endorse the new regime it at the next meeting. 

It’s free for residents but slightly pricier for the council, expected to cost $245,000 per year compared to bulk collection’s $230,000. 

At this week’s Vincent council briefing, mayor Emma Cole asked staff to ensure the 18-month trial didn’t lead to de facto adoption without a decision going back to council.

“We don’t want to be caught out, like the Beaufort Street and Walcott Street intersection, where we forgot there was a trial,” Ms Cole said.


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