Car quay

Element’s design for Lot 4. Every resident can drive to this attractively tapered building.

THE vision of a pedestrian paradise around Elizabeth Quay is set to suffer a further blow with another car-laden development in the pipeline.

The 54-storey tower will have 168 units, 24 office floors, and an upper level restaurant, bar and rooftop pool.

It will also have a lot of parking bays. 

When the Barnett government was planning Elizabeth Quay it was meant to be light on private car ownership, with the planning rules setting a limit of 0.7 car bays per apartment. It was hoped the proximity to public transport and the wealth of nearby shops, restaurants and workplaces might encourage car-free living. 

But last year the Voice reported the planned Brookfield towers for the landmark sites at lots 5 and 6 wanted nearly double that ratio, with an average of 1.9 bays per apartment equating to a total of 453 cars.

Now plans for lot 4 are being advertised with another surfeit of parking: 1.2 bays per apartment instead of 0.7. That’s a total of 204 bays for 168 apartments, plus office tenants will have 90 bays instead of the allowable 67. 

In plans by the designer Element, the plea for more bays echoes Brookfield’s argument: Rich people like cars.

“Given the premium end of the market being targeted, there is an expectation and demand for car parking bays for some of the larger three and four bedroom dwelling’s,” the proposal states.

The proposal says what they’re asking for is “significantly less than the 1.9 bays per dwelling that was approved at Lots 5 and 6”. 

Lot 9 also got extra bays, and lot 4’s proponents argue since “competitor product” has plenty of parking, “to not provide multiple car parking bays for some of the larger marketability”. 

The state government’s planning superpower DevelopmentWA is responsible for approval and it’s up to transport minister Rita Saffioti to grant extra parking bays, on advice from the Department of Transport. 

The proposal is out for comment at until April 10.

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