Carey in Cabinet

PERTH state Labor MP John Carey has been promoted to Mark McGowan’s Cabinet, taking on the housing and local government portfolios.

“I’m deeply honoured,” the newly-minted minister said.

“Everything I’ve done to date in my role as MP, I’ve never taken the position of elected office for granted.

“My dad once said ‘one day you’re a rooster, the next day you’re a feather duster’, so it really is such an honoured and privileged position and I will give it my all.”

He said of the induction ceremony: “I really wish my mum and dad had been there”. His dad was a staunch Labor man and Mr Carey says “dad and mum never saw that I became mayor or elected member or minister. 

He says “in relation to local government, I had a history of reform at the City of Vincent,” where he was mayor from 2013 to 2017. “I will be working with everyone to look at how we can do things better, how we can reform local government so we can get better outcomes from everyone”.

Mr Carey acknowledges housing portfolio will be a significant job. Homelessness advocate ShelterWA congratulated him on the role with CEO Michelle Mackenzie saying he’s “been a passionate champion for homelessness during his time as the member for Perth”.

But they’ve already issued Mr Carey, community services minister Simone McGurk, and new commerce minister Amber-Jade Sanderson a challenge to address urgent housing needs in their first 100 days.


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