Food incursion

CHANNEL NINE was rocked by a cyberattack this week with Weekend Today forced off-air.

Some might call it digital terrorism, others an exercise in good taste.

At the Voice we were taking no chances, and I had my mobile on airplane mode when we went for dinner at Kaguri Sushi in an undisclosed location in Perth on Monday night.

Kaguri’s menu had an extensive range of sushi and sashimi, and hot dishes like soba, udon, tempura and teriyaki.

The interior was quite upmarket with nice drawings of Geisha girls on one wall and belligerent sumo wrestlers on the other.

Throw in some quality furniture and lovely oriental pots and dishes, and it was a cut above your usual sushi joint.

My chicken spicy miso ramen ($17) was a comforting cacophony of flavours and textures.

Spring onions, sweet corn and greens mingled with slices of katsu chicken, which had succulent flesh and a light, crispy coating.

The test of any good ramen is the broth – will it be an oily inferno or a good platform for the ingredients to shine.

Thankfully this was the latter, and it had the perfect balance of sweet and sour that kept you coming back for more.

I would have liked a bit more heat in this “spicy” dish, but that aside, it was a great ramen with a superior broth and ingredients.

It was the first time my kids had been to a sushi train, so they were transfixed by the metal conveyer snaking around the restaurant.

They wanted to put their Barbie dolls and Pokemon toys on it, but I said that might result in some unnecessary dental work for the man a few seats down.

Their avocado (six for $6.50) and cooked tuna (10 for $16) sushi rolls were huge, but they managed to finish them all and said it was some of the best they had eaten.

I had a sneaky taste and can confirm the tuna was super fresh and the rice perfectly sticky.

Meanwhile, my wife was enjoying her chicken katsu set ($20.50). It was nicely presented with stylish trays containing chicken, spring rolls, seaweed salad, miso soup and sushi.

“This is a superior set menu and all the ingredients are lovely, especially the seaweed salad which has a vinegary tang,” she noted. 

“The katsu chicken is good quality, as some I’ve had can be a bit fatty, but these strips are delicious. It’s great value for money and very filling.”

We washed down the meal with some green tea ($4), which came in a beautiful oriental tea pot with ceramic hand-made cups.

Throughout our meal the service was polite and efficient, with the man behind the till giving us extra napkins for our kids, who sometimes resemble Animal from The Muppets at feeding time.

Kaguri sits in that nice range of mid-price restaurants serving up good quality cuisine that doesn’t break the bank.

It also does lunch offers, making it a regular pitstop for casual meals at all times of the day. 

With dinner out the way, I could go home and enjoy Married At First Sight with a home-made lobotomy. 

Kaguri Sushi House 
5/25 Preston St, Como 
9474 3386

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