Bearing up

A juvenile sun bear named Sweet Pea recently rescued in Cambodia, enjoying playing with the watermelon more than eating it. 

FREE THE BEARS is holding a quiz to raise funds for their rescue efforts after Covid cut off a funding source. 

The group was founded by Stirling resident Mary Sutton after a 1993 tv program about bears being farmed for bile.

About 1000 have since been rescued, earning Dr Sutton an Order of Australia medal in 2020. 

Covid was tough, as visitors and volunteers to sanctuaries in Cambodia, Laos and Vietnam provide important funds. Donations helped tide them over and they recently saved two Vietnamese moon bears from 18 years on a bile farm. 

The quiz is at South Perth Community Hall, May 15 at 6.30pm, with raffles and bear-helping auctions, book via office@ or 9244 1096.

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