Forced to cough up

A BAYSWATER smash repairer with a long record of breaches has been fined $18,000 for continuing to take money off customers despite not being licensed to fix their cars.

Raymond John Goodall from The Force in Smash Repairs was fined back in 2012 for operating without a licence and misleading consumers about having one. 

He did eventually get one, but in 2019 fell afoul of Consumer Protection after a score of complaints that he’d taken money from customers upfront but never fixed their cars, leaving them to sit on the lot for months.  

Many customers were taxi or rideshare drivers who relied on their car to make a living. But delays ranged from three months to more than three years without work being done.

Mr Goodall has not held a licence to work on cars since March 2019 but still kept taking on jobs after that date.

Bayswater council took him to court over a half dozen instances of pollution drifting off his property from July to September 2019 when he carried out car spray painting. The magistrate noted Mr Goodall continued working despite council officers warning him to stop after the first three instances, and he was fined around $17,000.

Still Mr Goodall toiled on, and in March he was in court for accepting $12,000 from six more customers in the past 15 months, and again being sluggish with finishing the job.

Consumer Protection this week announced he’d been fined another $15,000 and ordered to pay $3,000 compensation to two of those customers.

Consumer Protection commissioner Lanie Chopping said in a statement: “Some vehicles were never repaired. Each car owner no doubt experienced stress, inconvenience and potentially loss of income as a result.

“Equally concerning is that Mr Goodall did not hold the required motor vehicle repairer business licence. The licensing regime exists to ensure the provider is a fit and proper person who is suitably qualified to carry out work that involves safety and specialised technical skills.”


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