More car concerns for Quay

PERTH council planners have objected to the huge number of car bays at a tower proposed for Elizabeth Quay, not wanting a supposed pedestrian precinct to become a motorway.

The state government’s planning superbody DevelopmentWA gets the final say.

The Barnett government instituted a limit of 0.7 car bays per apartment at Elizabeth Quay towers but under Labor there’s already been developments go through far in excess that’ll add hundreds of extra bays to the quay (“Car Quay,” Voice, March 27 2021).

A new design by Element for Lot 4 wants a total of 204 bays for 168 apartments, blowing past the 0.7 limit to 1.2. There’ll also be 90 bays for office tenants instead of the 67 Barnett’s planner’s envisioned when laying out the rules. 

The developer argues the bays are needed 

to make the project viable because the wealthy residents will want to own cars.

City of Perth planning staff advised councillors to stand firm over the limit and tell the richies to take the bus, train, or ferry.

Their report says the limit should be heeded given “the increased traffic likely to be generated by other developments located adjacent … and the high accessibility of the site via alternative means of transport”.

Councillors will decide whether to kick up a fuss over the parking blowout at the upcoming April 27 council meeting, and their recommendation then gets passed on to DevelopmentWA. 

The state-appointed commissioners approved the last big car-friendly tower in mid-2020, with chair commissioner Andrew Hammond saying they needed to support development during Covid.


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