A pause to rethink books

Britta Sorenson’s The Pause.

A NEW exhibition at Tafe’s Gallery East by 65 artist challenges the notion of what is a book at the fifth biennial Between the Sheets.

Printmakers, photographers, wordsmiths, textile artists, painters, sculptors, digital artists have all had a crack at creating – or un-creating a book.

While many artists have dealt with content, others draw upon a vast variety of media, shapes and structures to create unique and intimate objedcts.

And, unsurprisingly, several books reflect on the unsettling effect the Covid-19 pandemic has had on everyday life, including Margaret River artist Britta Sorenson, who took her speciality of making recycled and found objects into contemporary textile to create a book written entirely on toilet paper; the work titled The Pause.

“As a kid I loved traditional crafts and treasure hunting – I still do,” says Sorenson.

“Currently we drown the world in ‘stuff’ so I work with the found, the used – to tell stories, to find meaning, to bring joy and offer new values.”

Bayswater photography student Sarah Matheson is also represented, and while it’s just a coincidence, her work is also based around a pile of toilet paper (organisers assured us it wasn’t all just a musing on the loo).

Between the Sheets: Artists Books is at Gallery Central in Aberdeen Street from April 30 to May 22, open weekdays 11am-4.30pm and Saturdays 12noon-3pm.

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