Tommasino’s doubles down in Mt Lawley

Tommaso Laureti

by Jane Grljusich
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Tommaso means “twin”, and this stylish Italian restaurateur is equalling his renowned North Perth eatery in the city’s liveliest suburb

On a foothill of the Apennine Mountains in the Italian province of Perugia, Umbria, lies Spoleto, just two hours from “Roma Capitale” where pizza’s better half – pinsa – has been a part of artisan baking and cooking for more than a century. 

At the head of a large valley, and surrounded by mountains, olive groves and vineyards, Spoleto is home to a Roman theatre dating from the middle of the first century BC, and the Roman flatbread that has been enjoyed since, well before pizza evolved.

And from the green heart of Italy, to North Perth, and now Mt Lawley, Tommaso Laureti has your fresh slice of Italy ready and waiting at Tommasino’s – one of Perth’s trendiest eateries. 

He and wife Georgina Laureti (nee McBride) have closed North Perth and refit the new Mt Lawley space epitomising the high-style of the world fashion capital Rome, their menu continuing as a reinvention of traditional peasant delicacies that have underpinned modern Italian cooking. 

Offering authentic pinsa romana, it’s an Italian taste experience sure to seduce the most discerning of pizza-loving palates, and guilt free (well, almost … pinsa has less carbohydrates and fats than pizza, and is far more digestible due to its different dough hydration and the water used is always cold).

Tommaso told the Voice the first step to perfect pinsa is to source the right flour. 

“Quality is key, and at Tommasinos we use premium flour imported from Italy,” he said.

“Great food takes patience. We don’t believe in rushing the process of the perfect pinsa. Dough is left to rise for 72 hours. A long cold fermentation combined with high levels of hydration guarantees gourmet pinsa that is light, crispy, and easy to digest.”

“The Tommasino’s team has endlessly tested topping combinations to create mouth-watering pinsa, the kind that tantalises taste buds and fires up the soul,” Tommaso muses. 

“Toppings are imported from Italy or sourced locally from the freshest produce. Customers can enjoy the savoury and rich signature tastes of Italy, complemented by succulent home grown ingredients on a fantastic base.”

Foodies and connoisseurs will tell you beautifully made Roman pinsa is a gastronomic gem. 

“Now you don’t need to fly to Italy to find pinsa and pasta: just head down to Mt Lawley and enjoy the lightest dough in town,” says Tommaso. 

“Come by and say “ciao!”. We love to talk pinsa and will happily answer any questions regarding ingredients, or our process. Perfecting pinsa pastry, crafting combos of delectable toppings—this is our calling. The high-quality offerings at Tommasino’s are fresh, flavoursome, and bursting with the Roman touch.”

Tomasso is a key-player on the Perth restaurant scene and moonlights as a DJ once a month at Geisha Bar.

What is Pinsa?

Did you know the name “pinsa” comes from the Latin “pinsere” which, in Italian, means stretch-spread out, which makes sense, as pinsa is shaped like an oval.

It’s far more digestible than pizza due to its different dough hydration and the water used is always cold. 

It has less carbohydrates and fats so you can leave the guilt at home!).

The main ingredients are wheat, soya and rice and it was invented before pizza and what we can properly call “Pinsa Romana moderna” is the revisitation of the ancient roman recipe, revised by new ingredients and modern working techniques.

The original idea of the recipe takes shape in ancient Rome where peasant populations living right outside the walls of  the great city cooked “schiacciatine”(or “focacce”) by grinding cereal grains (millet, barley and spelt) and adding salt and aromatic herbs.

What are Strangozzi?

Strangozzi is a handmade pasta, typical from our hometown Spoleto, in the green heart of Italy, the Umbria region. 

The name “strangozzi” comes from a particular cut of pasta dough that recalls the form of the ‘stringa’, the laces of Roman sandals. The traditional recipe – egg whites, water, flour, salt, extra virgin olive oil and white wine – looks like a linguine but a bit more twisted.

Phone 6156 0847
Beaux Lane, 609 Beaufort St, Mount Lawley
Tues to Sat 5pm til late 
Sun 12pm-3pm/5pm til late
• Fully Licensed, BYO Tues-Wed Only
• Booking recommended
• Walk in’s welcome

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