Things looking up for His Maj

The once-grand balconies as seen in 1926. Photo from the State Library of WA, BA533/11.

HIS Majesty’s Theatre is having its long-vanished balconies and verandahs restored and the Perth Theatre Trust needs help ensuring the new works are authentic.

The two tiers of classical style balconies were once a point of pride of the building, but were removed around 1950 when city building surveyor AG Sloane deemed them dangerous. 

The Trust is hoping to find original balcony components to can be used as moulds or models, from pieces of columns, metopes, balustrades, balusters, pediments, light fittings or post brackets.

Any drawings or photos of the demolition would be useful as well: Get in touch via or drop items at the stage door at 825 Hay Street (they’ll be returned after architects can inspect them).

Arts minister David Templeman issued a statement saying the works would help the hard-hit performing arts industries. 

“We want to ensure the beloved His Majesty’s Theatre remains a world-class venue for opera, dance and theatre,” he said.

“These works are particularly exciting, and they complement other improvements from the past few years, including upgrading the orchestra pit, box office, auditorium and entranceway.


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