Voice Mail: Bin Vincent’s anti-business madness

THE farce that is the City of Vincent’s abandonment of commercial waste collection is getting more ridiculous with time, and sounding more like an episode of ABC’s Utopia.

When one business owner asked if businesses had been consulted before the decision had been made, they were told that the City’s Waste Strategy 2018-2023 was advertised in 2018, and because the impact to business of removing the service was seen to be minimal, further consultation was not deemed necessary. 

The strategy was advertised in 2018, but nowhere did that strategy mention removing the service. 

It simply said the city would review alternative options. Most people would have taken this to mean a better, more tailored service, possibly using bigger bins.

Of course, the business owner was bluffed into thinking they missed their opportunity to comment.

When the city was asked what percentage of rates was spent on waste collection the staff said they were unable to provide this breakdown.

This is surprising because it took me less than five minutes to work out that 10.4 per cent of commercial rates goes on waste collection.

So logically you would expect that commercial rates to drop by 10.4 per cent once the city stopped collecting the waste. But no, the staff recommended keeping the money because it would result in an $8.3 million profit over 10 years.

As a response to a motion at this year’s AGM the staff have said they will investigate, not implement, simply investigate, a ‘micro-business three bin system’ when they implement the FOGO system. 

The only problem is they will stop collecting bins in July, and the FOGO system starts in late October.

What are businesses supposed to do, stockpile their waste for four months?

Then there’s the claim that the move will be better for the environment.

I’ve already seen a business who used to have a mixture of bins – recycling bins and other waste. They now have a single skip and everything goes into that. Goodbye recycling.

Then there’s the business owner whose landlord will get the one-off transition payment, but the business owner will have to organise and pay for new bins. Once again business costs go up.

Vincent businesses are angry. It’s time that somebody on council stepped in and ended this anti-business madness.

Dudley Maier,

One response to “Voice Mail: Bin Vincent’s anti-business madness

  1. If the Council proceeds in cutting the recycle service, should they instead provide discretely placed, – appropriately signed or Artistically decorated SKIP BINS – – for CLEAN RECYCLING ONLY..- to be shared with others on the same street or business block??

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