Perks back for Greens

Caroline Perks

CAROLINE PERKS will have her third crack at winning the federal seat of Perth and her fifth getting into higher office after securing Greens preselection for the next election.

A climate change policy expert, Ms Perks scored the Greens’ best-ever result in Perth during the 2019 federal election when she landed 19 per cent. It was her second attempt at the seat after being beaten by Labor’s Patrick Gorman in a 2018 by-election forced by Tim Hammond’s retirement from politics.

Ms Perks also had a go at the state seat of Maylands in 2017 where she also gave the Greens’ vote a 5 per cent push and ran behind Tim Clifford on the party’s upper house ticket for East Metro in March this year.

“Perth needs someone that will go to Canberra and fight with urgency for action on the climate crisis,” Ms Perks said.

“The major parties think they can talk about gas and coal projects in the bush and then turn around and say how good renewables are in the inner city and that people won’t notice.

“Well, people in Perth notice because they know that we are running out of time before the planet is heated past the point of no return.”

Ms Perks said she would also be making systemic racism and violence against First Nations people, and sexism in Parliament House, issues during the campaign.

Prime minister Scott Morrison has indicated the election will be held some time in 2022, however some pundits believe he’ll run earlier to take advantage of good polling over Covid.

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