Rental sting as golfers score long club lease

THE Mount Lawley Golf Club has scored an extra 15 years on its lease – but might face almost a doubling of its rent as a result.

The club has been based in the north-west corner of Inglewood between Alexander Drive, Central Avenue and Walter Road West, virtually since its inception in 1928.

And while it’s already considered one of WA’s premier golf courses, the club recently approached Stirling council with plans to upgrade its building, greens and links.

To ensure it had time to recuperate the outlay, the club asked for its existing lease to be extended beyond its 2029 deadline.

A council report couldn’t see any problem with that, but noted that while the club currently pays $13,640 a year in rent, the actual market value was closer to $25,000.

“Whilst it is not proposed to increase rent with immediate effect, a market rent review will be incorporated into the lease on July 1, 2029 (take up of the further term),” the report said. 

“At this time the city will obtain further market rental advice to form the new rent payable at that date.”

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