Stirling leans against towers

STIRLING council has knocked back the controversial redevelopment of the Karrinyup Shopping Centre as too big and too trafficky.

Although it doesn’t have final say on whether the development will go ahead, the council can make a recommendation to the Development Assessment Panel, on which its representatives will be a minority voice, and will send a deputation to argue the point.

The proposed three-tower, 270-apartment redevelopment has been a long time in gestation since the plans first lobbed on the council’s planning desk on December 5, 2019.

They’ve been sent back to AMP Capital and its project manager three times for additional information; at one point the council “stopped the clock” on the application so it wouldn’t miss the mandated deadline for a decision, otherwise AMP could have forwarded it straight to the State Administrative Tribunal.

No love

Despite that the planners couldn’t find enough to love and have given 11 reasons, and a handful of sub-clauses, for the DAP to knock it back.

“… the height, bulk and 

scale of the development is not compatible with its setting and has a significant negative impact on the amenity of the locality,” a report to the last council meeting read.

“…the traffic modelling does not accurately determine whether or not the traffic generated by the development will not have an adverse impact on the surrounding road network.

“…submissions received in relation to the proposed development raise valid concerns surrounding the lack of orderly and proper planning as well as the proposed overdevelopment.”

The report also noted the lack of an activity centre plan, structure plan or local development plan to guide the growth of the shopping centre.


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