Flip side

• Gavin Clancy

IT’S been 134 years since Emile Berliner got groovy with with the world’s first flat gramophone disc; now a 25-year-old has opened up a bricks and mortar shop on Hay Street paying homage to vinyl. 

Gavin Clancy was working in a supermarket before Covid hit and put him on a new path.

“The pandemic has made me change the way I think about things,” he says, highlighting the importance of “doing the things you enjoy, even the little things”.

Mr Clancy’s been into records for about eight years, enjoying the tangible aspect of having something you could hold to represent beloved music. 

His collection had been growing over the years and he’d had a few thoughts about having a retail space but the last year’s ructions prompted him to make the leap. Whatever happens next, he says he’ll enjoy the ride.

“I’m willing to give it a go, even if it doesn’t work out. 

He’s a big Beach Boys fan (a few of their records are in his treasured not-for-sale collection) and named the store Good Vibrations, opening up on June 2 in the Seasons Arcade.

He’s made sure to stock a wide range of classics, 12 inch singles for DJs, new indy exclusives, and he wants a big focus to be on supporting and stocking local bands.

His first customers on the opening morning were about 20 years old, and they picked up some classics like The Rolling Stones (whose drummer Charlie Watts marked his 80th birthday on opening day). 

Mr Clancy says it’s not unusual to see young people into vinyl: “From my experience, the crowds you see at record stores are pretty varied.”

He’s at 3/1251 Hay Street West Perth, open Wednesday to Sunday. 


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