School run

HOODBURGER is obviously doing something right.

They have outlets in Northbridge and Inglewood, and recently opened their first store south of the river in Ardross.

I wanted to see what all the fuss was about, so I bungled my kids into the car and headed to their Beaufort Street outlet.

Not all schools were off on Tuesday, so I got strange looks as I marched my young nippers through the howling wind and rain towards the burger joint (Dad of the Year goes to…)

Hoodburger was pretty small and basic with some bench seating, stools by the window and an open kitchen/counter off to the side.

The backlit menu above the counter was like something you’d see in a kebab shop in 1975, but I’m guessing it was post-modern kitsch, as opposed to the owners having a tiny budget.

The compact menu had a classic range of beef and chicken burgers, as well as a ‘ribwich’ pork patty and a chicken burger with mash and gravy.

Hoodburger kept it simple and there was no fusion monstrosities with everything but the kitchen sink piled into a bun (I like to pick up my burger without it collapsing in a soggy heap).

As we waited for our electronic buzzer to buzz, we began to shiver – the place was freezing.

There was an open roller door at the rear of the eatery, which on a cold and blustery day was like a Siberian wind tunnel.

A staffer turned on one of the wall heaters midway through our meal, but they really should have been firing from the get-go.

I’ll give the staff a pass as it was the first really cold day of winter and maybe they were caught off guard working in the hot kitchen.

Thankfully it wasn’t long before we were tucking into our piping-hot burgers and mound of fries ($9 for two serves).

My tender deluxe ($13.50) had a fried chicken fillet with a southern-style coating that was subtle and not too in-your-face. 

The highlight was the sweet mustard and pickles which created a pleasant tang.

The bun was top notch – a light and fluffy affair which was easy to eat and didn’t feel like a doughy slog. The colour was returning to my kids’ faces as they wolfed down their cheeseburgers ($12).

There was a junior burger available but it had the same amount of meat, just less bun, so I went for the adult size (Dad of the Year goes to…)

Hoodburger’s patties were quite unique – thin with crispy edges as opposed to the thick slabs of beef you get in other joints.

The kids thoroughly enjoyed them and my daughter had no problem with the mild mustard and pickles inside.

I had a few bites and the patty reminded me of the hamburgers my mum used to cook with the chopped onion mixed into the minced beef and egg yolk.

It had a strong meaty punch and was a nice alternative to the thicker patties you get elsewhere.

The huge mound of fries were nice and crispy, and not too salty.

The eatery was busy on a Tuesday lunchtime with mostly 20-somethings, the odd tradie and a dodgy-looking man with kids.

My children washed down their lunch with a Mexican beverage – an effervescent lime and watermelon Jarrito ($4.50 each).

I quite enjoyed Hoodburger, and with most items priced under $15 it’s very reasonable without setting the heather on fire.


848 Beaufort St, Inglewood

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