Art goes viral

• Mayor Emma Cole unveils Liz Gray’s Covid-inspired Connections. Photo supplied

VINCENT council’s admin building has a new Covid-inspired artwork that is, funnily enough, probably the last place you’d find the insidious virus.

Mayor Emma Cole unveiled the installation Connections last week, saying North Perth artist Liz Gray had created it after successfully applying for one of the council’s Covid arts relief grants in 2020.

Ms Cole described the artwork as beautiful, saying it shared “the characters of Vincent – the people, the pets, our local fauna – connected during a tough year”.

In another nod to its emergence out of the pandemic, sections marked “1.5 metres” remind the viewer that while the community stayed very much connected during the pandemic, they were physically separated from all but their closest lkin.

Gray created the artwork by painting directly onto copper sheets cut by a waterjet.

Apart from being a medium favoured by Renaissance painters for its durability and luminescence, Gray said copper had a disinfectant quality and resists certain coronaviruses.

“According to scientists, where active Covid-19 droplets will remain alive on plastic and stainless steel surfaces for days, they will only survive on copper for hours,” Gray said.

The artist said various Vincent residents posed for the work including well-known Noongar Radio presenter Jeff Michael.

“During a very trying time in the world, I wanted to depict the positive connections we have in our lives, which help maintain our mental health and wellbeing,” Gray said.

Ms Cole said 16 projects were funded through the $15,000 arts relief grants, which would help transform Vincent into “an even more vibrant place to live and visit”.

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