Mystery building

For years the North Perth building’s purpose was a baffling mystery (top), and now it’s gone (bottom). Images from Google Maps 2021

A LONGSTANDING North Perth oddity has disappeared with this week’s demolition of the strange Scarborough Beach Road/Loftus Street faux castle.

The corner castle’s purpose has been the subject of a lot of conjecture over the years but its prosaic origins are as the former Midland Brick display site. The land was sold for $4.95million late last year and will host the new Kidz Galore childcare centre, which is moving from nearby Haynes Reserve so Vincent council can turn that spot into a park.

Over the years there have been a few plans to put up shops and apartments on the site but none have come to fruition, and it’s just remained overgrown and graffiti-ridden.

The relocated Kidz Galore will be very close to another planned childcare, with a Nido Early School coming soon to the other side of the intersection to serve the famously fecund suburb. 


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