Rules a pipe dream?

The most recent smoke-adjacent shop to open in Vincent was the tenth outlet of the rapidly growing UpInSmoke Empire, this one on Beaufort Street. 

They sell hookahs, waterpipes, safes, and precision digital scales branded with weedlords Cheech & Chong. 

They started operating before they got planning approval so had to pay a $885 fee to Vincent to retrospectively approve the unauthorised use.

A split council voted to let them stick around (Crs Hallett and Susan Gontaszewski opposing), but they’ll have to remove their noncompliant roller shutters and pull down some of the “excessive, repetitive and superfluous” signage. The council has a public health plan aiming to reduce the harms from smoking across the next four years. Council staff noted that while approving the shop 

“would be in contrast with the efforts of the state and the city to reduce public health impacts from smoking”, those initiatives did not translate into actual planning rules that prohibit the shop.

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