More on the scrap heap

In May the council approved disposal of three other dilapidated artworks in East Perth.

The 1998 “Greenway Fountain” artwork installed at the corner of Royal and Fielder Street will be disposed of as it’s in very poor condition. Some controversy surrounds this artwork, as it was created by artist Nola Farman in 1998, and at a later date sandstone plaques with poetic text by Marcelle George were added.

Farman has now told the council she didn’t approve the text plaques, and they weren’t able to contact George for an opinion, so they’ll be removed. 

The last three of the strange dogs in Russell Sheridan’s “Diver and Dogs” artwork on old Belvidere Promenade will also be disposed off, being “significantly degraded”. There was a fourth dog but someone drove a car into it in 2019. Nearby residents asked for the dogs to be replaced with a similar work but councillors voted against spending $50,000 commissioning a replacement. 

And lastly three of the 20 sculptural timber shoreline marker posts Rob Finlayson crafted for the East Perth shoreline have rotted and will be removed. The others will probably degrade within three to five years. 

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