Skates on for design

Riders keen on towering halfpipe

IDEAS are needed for the design of the slightly-relocated Wotton Reserve skate and BMX park.

State government money is paying for Bayswater council to handle the fraught and much-debated relocation of the park to the north-western wedge of Wotton Reserve, as it has to move to make way for a Metronet station carpark on the north-eastern side. 

A split council endorsed that spot in April after examining a number alternatives, and now three companies are collaborating on the detailed design: landscapers Emerge Associates, skate specialists Skate Sculpture, and recreational trails designers Common Ground Trails who’ll figure out the BMX component. 

Bayswater mayor Dan Bull said in a statement: 

“Whether you’re a skater, BMX rider, local resident, club member or park user, the city wants to hear your thoughts on the draft design.”

So far skate advocates are adamant that the new park keeps its towering steel halfpipe, as it’s the only one in WA greater than 2.5m in height making it a magnet for skaters from far and wide.

Council staff, the contracted designers, and skate and BMX experts will be on site July 31 from 1–4pm to get some input before Emerge works on the detailed design, with a short turnaround as it’s due to go to the council for a decision in late August. 

Some of Perth’s top riders like Luke Tooze and Ryan Aquilina and skater Junior Linke will also be there for free skate, scooter and BMX sessions.

Free sessions

Ideas are also invited via online comment at engage. by August 1.

Construction’s pegged to start January 2022 with completion by mid-2022.

The state government has delayed demolition until 2022 so the park stays open for now but the carpark has been closed to make way for the first Metronet works, so skate or ride over.


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