Bit of a snag

IT was the most expensive and infamous sausage I’ve ever tried – the andouillette.

The French banger is made from pork and chitterlings (pig intestines) and has a very distinctive aroma when cooked, with many comparing the smell to, well, the stuff that passes through pig’s intestines.

Just Google andouillette and you will find umpteen stories of tourists dry-retching or gagging after trying the snags in restaurants in France, where it is regraded as a delicacy.

The overseas incarnations are meant to be less pungent, and when I cooked my andouillette from the Black Pig Deli, the aroma was quite sweet and almost reminded me of white wine simmering in a risotto.

The sausages themselves were thick, almost like Cumberland’s, had a coarse texture, and weren’t particularly strong or overpowering. 

If anything it was quite mild and inoffensive, although there was an enigmatic aftertaste from the chitterlings, which wouldn’t be to everyone’s liking.

At $29.50 for five of the limited-edition snags they aren’t cheap, but are pretty rare in Australia. Definitely the Marmite of the sausage world.

The Black Pig Deli has a resident charcutier, Adam Bielawski, who is responsible for some amazing looking terrines and pates. 

You’ll find some of his creations on the tables of elite restaurants in Perth.

My pork, apple and muntrie terrine ($20.20) had a strong meaty burst with the apple and muntrie (native cranberries) adding a refreshing twist. 

It went well with the Il Truffelino cheddar ($17.09) which was super creamy with a strong, decadent hit of truffle. A lovely easy-eating, yet tasty cheese.

The Inglewood deli also has a dine-in area with soups, toasted sandwiches and savouries.

Earlier in the day I enjoyed a massive toasted Reuben sandwich ($15.50) a delicious combo of corned beef, sauerkraut, mild cheese and pickles.

Despite its size (could feed two and I couldn’t finish it) the quality of the filling was top notch and the bread was lovely.

An ingenious little twist was the beetroot relish, which was piquant and had a sweet coda.

It kept the palate refreshed during the meaty onslaught.

The dining area had some old- school furniture and a heavy black and white colour scheme; clearly going for that cosy and secluded look.

The service in the dine-in area was polite and efficient, although the girl behind the till wasn’t the cheeriest (I’ve seen more smiles in a funeral parlour), but the staff in the deli section were more upbeat.

I washed down the Reuben with a mug of cappuccino ($5) which was nice and creamy and piping hot (I’ve had loads of capps that were tepid or contained too many shots of coffee).

My toasted sandwich at the Black Pig Deli was fantastic and great value for money, while the deli goods were high quality and perfect for a special occasion or when you fancy an indulgent treat.

You might even be brave enough to try the andouillette.

Black Pig Deli & Co
4/890 Beaufort St, Inglewood


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