FUBA shed gets FUBAR

Future Bayswater’s shed is history. Photo from facebook.com/FutureBayswater

FIRE burnt down Future Bayswater’s shedquarters on Beechboro Road last week, but the group’s been flooded by a quick response from locals and businesses offering help.

Future Bayswater, made up of locals and businesses keen on getting development happening in the city’s town centre, leases the shed to store events gear and house a food pantry for people to donate items or take what they need.

The group reported on July 29 the shed had burnt down overnight, with the fire brigade putting it out and investigations now to be undertaken.

As a volunteer group FB’d found the cost of insurance was too high so the contents weren’t insured. 

With offers of help from neighbours, traders and politicians pouring in, the community pantry was back up and running with a day and FB’s Saturday Bayswater Growers’ Market could go ahead as usual.

They’re now taking stock of offers of help and fundraising as they prepare to rebuild.

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