Greener pastures

• Former mayor David Boothman is retiring after 27 years on council. File photo\

STIRLING council’s longest-serving councillor David Boothman has retired after 27 years, effective August 6.

Cr Boothman and his wife have been pondering a move south and their Mirrabooka home has been on the market.

He told the August 3 meeting it’s now sold. Councillors must have a property in the council area they serve in. 

“Under the local government act, either I then have to look at leasing a place to stay in the City of Stirling, or else stand down from council,” Cr Boothman said.

“That’s what I’m announcing tonight: After 27 years and three months – I was elected in May 1994 – I’ll be standing down.

“I’ve enjoyed those 27 years and I very deeply appreciate that I’ve had the confidence of electors in the Balga Ward to continue to support my reelection year after year, and I’ve also during this time been very appreciative of the support of elected members around the table, both the current and the past elected members, and the staff in particular,” thanking CEO Stuart Jardine who started as CEO just before Ms Boothman started serving as mayor from 2007 to 2013.

Current mayor Mark Irwin teared up a bit as he bid the senior councillor a fond farewell. 

“I met councillor Boothman well before I became mayor – even, in fact, a councillor – as a young lifesaver during his term as mayor.

“And I know from the community aspect why he’s so respected and probably loved by the community, and it’s his genuine nature.”

Cr Irwin said Cr Boothman was “a real gentleman in the community … you’re certainly going to be missed by this council and we wish you all the best for the future”. 

Cr Boothman is a former police officer, and on council he focused on community safety and the environment, and led the fight against the Barnett government’s council merger attempts with his 

 “Stay in Stirling” campaign. 

Under the local government act any vacancy that occurs after the first Saturday in February in an election year doesn’t require an extraordinary election, so the council can be one man down until the ordinary elections in October. 


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