Letters 14.8.21

Thanks Reece, but…

A BIG thank you to Reece Harley for sharing his tip on how to get Vincent infrastructure fixed (“Speedy Response,” Voice, August 5, 2021). Directly emailing the mayor and CEO, who would have thought!

The 24 hour turnaround for removing some non-offensive graffiti is very impressive. Particularly when compared to the fact that a broken and dangerous footpath on Beaufort Street was reported on July 16 and, when it was still untouched and getting worse, was once again reported on August 3. And still nothing has been done.

Or what about the report of a flooded footpath on William Street on March 1 and then again on May 30. The flooding wasn’t because of a particularly heavy downpour, just a poorly laid footpath.

It was forcing pedestrians to walk in the traffic lane, some with their backs to the traffic.

Then there’s the issue of vehicles parked on the Vincent Street verge which took seven months and a community petition to resolve even though the staff had the power to fix the problem all along.

Anyway, now we know, thanks to Reece’s kind and generous sharing of his fast-track tip.

Dudley Maier 

Penny drops

RECENTLY I received the wonderful and exciting news that a friend of mine is expecting her first child.

This made the penny drop for me about how the world will be when this child is approaching the age of 30 around the year 2050. 

Every year they will experience the planet getting hotter and hotter as CO2 is still being pumped into our atmosphere as we approach NetZero in 2050. 

According to NASA, the earth’s  CO2 levels have oscillated between 180ppm and 280ppm for 800,000 years. 

This has been called the ‘safe climate zone’ in which humans and the animals and plants we know have evolved. 

NASA states the current CO2 level is 417 ppm and this will keep rising until we reach NetZero emissions. 

It is only after we reach NetZero that we can start dropping CO2 levels back towards that safe climate zone that allowed humans to flourish. 

We need all levels of government, all businesses and all citizens to have the penny drop that we are actually in a climate emergency if we are to protect the next generation that are being born now. 

Paula Samson 

Thank God

GOOD to know we are in the process of discontinuing Lord Prayers in the parliament since Australia is a secular country and not all members of parliament are Christians and most importantly because according to last Census 30 per cent of us are non religious.

Next step should be to remove Christian chaplains from non-religious public schools where children could be from non-Christian parents or more likely of atheists parents as indicated by last Census. 

Let’s see the results of this year’s Census.

Alex Mulla
Smith St, Highgate

The Ed says: Time for Perth council to catch up? Its meetings still start with an appeal to “Almighty God”. After the city’s shenanigans over the last couple of years, no doubt his/her response would be “Oh, Jesus”.

Still waiting

IT’S great to hear the City of Vincent actioned Reece Harley’s maintenance issue (“Speedy response,” Voice Letters, August 7, 2021) so efficiently.

However, despite two phone calls to the administration, two emails directly to mayor Cole, an email to CEO McLennan and publicly commenting on the mayor’s Facebook page during the recent flooding of other local streets, I am still waiting seven months and 600mm of rain later for a stormwater drain to be unblocked.

Glenn Christie 
Mount Lawley

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