Roof to protect home coming

A ROOF is on the way to protect an exposed heritage cottage at 54 Cowle Street and will be installed “shortly”. 

Last week we reported the 137-year-old home, one of the five oldest in the City of Vincent, which had gone topless during this rainy winter after owner Palazzo Homes removed the old iron-over-timber shingle roof.

We still haven’t heard back from Palazzo as to why, but Vincent council’s responded to our queries. Conditions on an upcoming development at the site say before a building permit’s issued, Palazzo has to enter a legal agreement to retain the external “built form” of the cottage to the council’s satisfaction.

An emailed response from Vincent CEO David MacLennan states: “The City of Vincent and our community place great value on protecting the history and heritage contained in buildings like 54 Cowle Steet. 

“City staff have been working closely with the developer to ensure this important building is restored appropriately.

“The developer has advised the roofing materials have arrived and will be installed shortly.”

He says the roof’s old timber shingles under the corrugated iron were in “extremely poor condition”, and the flooring and internal fitout were stored off site to reduce damage. 

The legal agreement to retain what’s left of the built form is being drafted by the council’s lawyers and has to be signed before a building permit’s issued for Palazzo to build units on the lots encompassing the cottage.


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