City splashes for WACA pool

PERTH councillors have agreed to plop $25 million into a pool at the WACA, as long as there are no maintenance bills. 

The state government’s been badgering the city to pay for its portion of a pool as part of the joint local, state and federal City Deal. 

But the cash has been long delayed as the council balked at the cost of looking after a pool, with the high-water mark estimated at $151 million over its lifespan. 

But councillors were still keen to have a pool somewhere in the city and decided pitching in $25m was the cheapest and quickest way to go about it. 

They unanimously voted to commit to handing over the city’s contribution, with conditions the city doesn’t pay maintenance or operate the pool. 

The city’s commitment’s good as long as the city, state and WACA agree on terms within six months. 


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