Gorman keen to fight on for bronzed woman

Dorothy Tangney has a plaque on St Georges Terrace, but Patrick Gorman says we should bring her into the third dimension with a statue. 

PERTH still needs a woman statue to inspire future generations, federal Perth Labor MP Patrick Gorman says, and he plans to keep chipping away to make it happen.

He told us it’s fitting for Perth to add a woman to its lineup of mostly male statues: “Western Australia has the proudest history of women leading in our parliaments across the nation: Edith Cowan, Dorothy Tangney, Florence Cardell-Oliver, Carmen Lawrence and Ruby Hutchison.

“Last year I raised with the prime minister the need to celebrate these Western Australian heroes of democracy. 

“Public statues and public monuments in the Perth CBD will inspire the next generation. It is well and truly past time they are built.

“We need local, state and federal governments to come together and get it done,” Mr Gorman says. “It should be added to the Perth City Deal,” the tri-government infrastructure building endeavour.

Mr Gorman had nominated WA’s first female federal MP Dorothy Tangney as an ideal statue and put the idea to Perth council, but they told him to find some funding first before they discussed specifics like a location. 

“I understand the community disappointment in the City of Perth council decision,” he says, adding he’ll keep working on the project. “I look forward to further engagement with councillors, including deputy lord mayor Sandy Anghie, to make this happen.”


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