From doghouse to big house

Bouncing Bayley Cazaly. Photo by Sharon Morskate

A CURATION of Maylands locals’ photos will be displayed in WA’s Parliament House, showcasing the electorate’s shores, humans and animals.

Maylands MP Lisa Baker put the call out for local photographers to help populate a digital frame in parliament house. 

“I wanted to showcase the people and places of Maylands, Bayswater, Embleton, Inglewood, Bedford and Morley,” she says. “The sport, the food, the art, the unfortunate bridges!

“From an eerie shot of the historic Maylands brickworks to the Bedford barber shop on Beaufort Street, to a playful pooch enjoying the river in Bayswater – these are the images of the Maylands electorate.”

Sharon Morskate’s dynamic photo of her springloaded pooch Bayley was one of the 10 chosen for the project.

She says: “My dogs love living by the river. They are rescue dogs and he’s the most jumpiest dog I’ve ever had. I always say they’ve gone from zero to hero. They are quite Facebook famous already.

“We love walking around the river and under the Redcliff bridge each day where this photo was taken at Claughton Reserve. When I first moved here it was a little known location … now it’s been done up beautifully and it has the famous turtle toilet there and they’ve made a lovely fairy playground and a boat ramp and a jetty. 

“It really is such a lovely secret location so close to home for me and my dogs.”

Pam Hunt’s photo of birds crowding a bridge was also chosen. 

“The birds on the jetty are little black cormorants,” she says. “ I see them once or twice a year, normally in winter flying in great flocks down the river and occasionally they rest as they are there on the jetty. I believe they are chasing food, probably shoals of fish. It’s quite an awesome sight.”

Ms Baker reckons the abundance of river shots shows a lot of her locals care for the environment.


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