Hyde parking limits

RESIDENTS around Hyde Park might not have to walk half the suburb to get home with their shopping after Vincent council approved a trial of parking restrictions to push out bay-hoggers.

The council has fielded complaints for years about CBD commuters clogging up the parking bays around the park, leaving residents and their visitors circling in the hope of catching someone leaving, or having to park several blocks away.

The park itself is also growing increasingly popular as infill pushes up the local population, adding to the demand.

To try and push out some of the hoggers, the council has now approved a trial of three-hour time restrictions along Vincent and William Streets, while a one-hour limit will be set for the southern side of Glendower Street.

Although a botched pie chart slipped through to the council’s September agenda which converted 64 responses into an impossible 65 per cent, it did show there was broad support from residents for the restrictions.

“Half the people who park around the park don’t even go to it – many just walk to work,” one resident responded.

But not everyone was convinced: “I feel that you just want your rangers to come and start fining people who are just trying to enjoy their day,” said one visitor who thought a five-hour limit more suitable for people who might like to read a book or just have a good, long sit in the park.

The council hasn’t said when it will start the 12-month trial.

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