Baysy lowdown

IN Bayswater council’s south ward, covering the areas of Maylands and Mount Lawley the Voice reaches, the candidates for the October 16 council elections are:

Elli Petersen-Pik, a serving councillor who’s had some wins getting pedestrian and safety improvements in his time so far, along with pushing for Maylands Waterland to be refurbished and reopened.

Sophie Edge feels the council’s dropped the ball and neglected resident wellbeing, and wants a solution to the plague proportions of midges and the thick algae plaguing local lakes. She also wants the Maylands Brickworks protected and handed over for community use.

Isabella Tripp has a background in conservation and is a Greens party member, and wants more green corridors and more street tree canopy for the area, along with aiming to alleviate homelessness in Maylands. 

In the further stretches of Bayswater we don’t make it out to, the candidates are:

Central Ward: Colleen Hayden, Assunta Meleca, Fiorda Kule. North Ward: Josh Eveson, Stephanie Gray, Filomena Piffaretti. West Ward: Justin Iemma, Lorna Clarke (incumbent), Aleisha Santoriello, Giorgia Johnson (incumbent).

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