Getting in early

Senator Penny Wong helped launch Perth federal Labor MP Patrick Gorman’s reelection campaign on October 4. Photo supplied.

HOT cross buns, Easter eggs and Christmas jingles all seem to come earlier each year, now Perth federal Labor MP Patrick Gorman has joined in by officially launching his campaign for the next federal election before it’s even been called. 

Prime minister Scott Morrison can call an election any time between now and May with five weeks’ notice.  Mr Gorman believes the call is “imminent”.

“I am ready for an election to be called any day,” he says, launching his campaign on October 4. 

“It is possible an election could be held as early as November 20. But the Liberal Party is still yet to find a candidate for Perth.”

Last election the Liberals didn’t field anyone in federal Perth, figuring it’d be a forlorn hope. Mr Gorman reckons the lack of a candidate announcement suggests Perth’s not a part of their plan, but either way he’ll still run a community campaign doorknocking and holding mobile offices.

And he’s still preparing for Clive Palmer to loom over the vote.

“I am expecting Clive Palmer to spend millions in the Perth electorate. He hates our state and will be out for revenge at the election.”

While Mr Gorman’s taken aim at the TBD Liberal candidate for Perth, both parties have a few gaps in their candidate lineup at this stage. 


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