Singing WA’s praises

UPCOMING feature film The Canary is set to showcase the visual beauty of the Indian Ocean off Perth.

By Salt and Honey Productions, the 1800s period drama follows the mental and physical struggles of a young woman cast away on the open ocean with nothing but a lifeboat and a caged canary to aid in her survival.

The project was made by a Western Australian cast, crew, locations and businesses.

Writer, lead actor and co-director Emilie Lowe opened up about how her battle with dyslexia made it hard to pluck up the courage to take on a major feature film.

“I have always been passionate, but really doubted if I could handle such a task,” Lowe said.

On the other hand, co-director and Scudley Films producer Peter Renzullo says being a legally blind director makes his work “as rich and clear as it can be”.

“The beauty of it is that I’ve got a focus assist on the camera which is a feature that lights up very harsh highlighted colours on the parts of the film that are in focus; if that wasn’t there I wouldn’t be able to see anything.”

Lowe says it’s “super hard” for newcomers to the industry, but urged them to “try everything and get out there and create”.

Renzullo agrees: “I think the most important thing is any free second you have; get on that camera, get in that studio, get whatever you’re doing, just go out and do it,” he said. “Go find the mistakes and learn to fix them.”

Lowe described The Canary as being a mix of Picnic at Hanging Rock, Life of Pi and Black Swan. 

“It’s been a wild ride so far, but we are all really enjoying working alongside each other and are so proud of what we are achieving together.”


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