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• Ben Brown’s Clear Night at the Crawley Boatshed.

THIS year’s Perth Amateur Photographers exhibition will be a decidedly local affair with Covid preventing most Sandgropers from taking snaps outside WA.

Featuring 150 photos from 47 amateur photographers of all ages and backgrounds, the exhibition has everything from stunning time-lapse shots of Perth to breathtaking snaps of native flora and fauna.

Organiser and photographer Travis Satur took a mix of intimate and light-hearted portraits for the exhibition, but he says there has been a shift towards landscapes and nature shots.

• Travis Satur’s photos range from a tender moment between a couple…

“Lots of the subjects entered into the exhibition were taken locally with our photographers exploring around our own backyard to find the inspiration for our shots,” Mr Satur says.

“The exhibition is entirely open category so it is perhaps a sign of the times that there is a stronger focus in being out-and-about in nature more and finding interesting subjects closer to home. 

“I think that is reflected in the fact we have a greater number of landscapes this year over portraits.”

Mr Satur says they have built on the success of last year’s exhibition, held in Kidogo Art House in Fremantle.

…to saucy proprietress Ersilia Festa (right) who recently opened a mini Italian deli in the heart of Fremantle.

“The wider range of backgrounds of our exhibitors is also a big change this year – we have those who have been perfecting their art for over 25 years, mixed with photographers in their first year,” he says.

“The age demographic is wide from a high school student in the mix up to retired persons. 

“Last year’s event was a big success with strong numbers coming through the exhibit and viewing the works, even with covid impacting the number of tourists being in Fremantle.“

The Perth Amateur Photographers exhibition is at Kidogo Art House on Bathers Beach, Fremantle from October 26 – November 1. 

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