Blues’ fee relief gets benched by council

BAYSWATER council has knocked back another request from the Bayswater Football Club to halve last year’s game fees because of the impact of Covid.

The Blues only got to play half the season at Hillcrest Oval because of lockdowns and told the council it had been a “struggle”.

“The figures speak for themselves,” treasurer Garry Snashall wrote to the council.

“We charged less membership and only got in half a season of ball fees as well as half a season of bar trade.”

Mr Snashall said the Perth Football League had reduced the Blues’ season fees, but Bayswater council had been unmoved.

Payment plan

Back in December last year a first request for half fees was rejected by the council which offered a payment plan instead, and while the club’s appeal against that decision was lodged in March, it’s only just made its way to the full council for a decision.

A report to this week’s council meeting said staff tried to get a better understanding of the club’s finances, but didn’t have much luck.

The report’s risk assessment also said backflipping on the original decision “has the potential to prompt review of previous, or encourage additional, requests for financial assistance”.

BFC president Mark Thomas told the Voice while the club thought its request was fair, it didn’t want to get stuck into the council over its decision, particularly with a joint refurbishment of the clubrooms on its wish list.

He said a rebound after the lockdown saw more people attending games and also signing up for membership.


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