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HE’S performed around the world with Cirque Du Soleil and the Australian Ballet, but now Robbie Curtis is coming home to star in not one, but three Fringe World shows.

His versatility is perhaps best showcased In the Arms of Morpheus, an entertaining mix of comedy, magic and physicality.Inspired by the Greek ‘God of dreams’ Morpheus, Curtis examines how the world has had a “collective wobble” during the past 18 months, obsessing over news, devices and exercise.

The show blends storytelling and contemporary circus with Curtis putting in a physical shift for the full 50 minutes.

If you prefer satire and social commentary, then Assume People Like You will be right up your street.

Curtis takes aim at the shallow and sometimes toxic world of social media and online dating, where a ‘Like’ has become a vernacular for friendship, relationship or even a dismissive ‘yeah maybe’.

The show ponders if a robot can be Liked? Can an alien be a friend? Perhaps it is easier to swipe right and just assume people like you.

An absurdist pop at the modern Internet world, Curtis plays Melon the Human with circus skills and dry awkward wit.

f you have kids and they are driving you nuts over the school holidays, then A Bee Story could be a welcome reprieve.

Queen bee and worker bee need to learn how to work together to rebuild their hive after a bushfire, but things never quite go to plan… The unique show fuses circus, acrobatics, dance and live music, so the kids will have plenty of action to keep them entertained.

But behind the physicality is a serious message about environmentalism, sustainability and community spirit.

A Bee Story was directed by Curtis and co-created with musician and performer Lizzie McRae. Curtis started off as a juggler, before moving on to gymnastics and dance.

He studied in Wellington at the highly acclaimed New Zealand School of Dance.

He’s known for his unique style, mixing dance and circus, and in 2020 founded ARC Circus, an international performing arts company.

Fringe World 2022 is on from January 14 – February 13 in Perth.

For more info and tix for In the Arms of Morpheus, Assume People Like You and A Bee Story go to

By Stephen Pollock

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