A chance to have your voice heard

VINCENT community members should be aware that the Annual General Meeting of Electors will be held on February 2.  

The AGM is a once a year opportunity for community members to raise issues and move motions that the council must consider if there is sufficient community support.

Whilst there isn’t a great track record of the Vincent administration supporting motions from the community, you have to be in it to win it.

Last year the community moved that the city investigate alternative ways of funding the undergrounding of power. 

While the administration didn’t support this, the council did, and we finally have had an independent review of options – basically we’re taking the first step even though some of our neighbouring councils have completed the process.

This was an initiative that came from the community, not the council, not the administration.  

It came from people like you and me.

One of the motions passed at last year’s AGM was that the city advertise the AGM more extensively and make it clear that it is the best opportunity for the community to raise issues and initiate changes.  

The administration said they would do the right thing and advertise it properly, then promptly forgot.  

It is hard to imagine them doing less to engage the community. 

I’m not sure if it is incompetence, forgetfulness, or a deliberate attempt to silence the community – only they know.  

All I know is that they have done a shameful job, doing the minimum required and only stating that the purpose of the AGM is to accept the Vincent annual report.

They have completely failed to inform the community of the ability to raise issues and move motions.

The only requirement to move motions and vote is to be on the electoral roll. 

So come along to the North Perth town hall at 6pm on February 2.  

Speak up and encourage your friends and neighbours to come along. 

By Dudley Maier

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