Art brings some sparkle

City of Vincent Mayor Emma Cole and artist Marcus Canning.

PROGRAMMABLE light shows are emerging as all the rage in public art with two new pieces going up in Vincent’s town centres.

Light-up orb The Globe will hover over the corner of William and Brisbane Streets and a wavy Nuanced Encounters by Cruikshank Design Studio will run overhead down part of Newcastle Street in Leederville.

The art’s funded by Vincent council’s percent for arts program which requires developers put aside 1 per cent of their overall project cost for any building worth over $1 million, and the globe got $215,000 funding and the waves got $80,000.

Each have programmable light shows, in hopes they’ll make both areas feel more lively at night.

Vincent mayor Emma Cole says: “The winning designs both incorporate lighting, so while they will encourage a connection with the space in the daytime, when the sun goes down the works will really come to life”.

The Globe was designed by artist Marcus Canning along with TAG Architects and William Street’s art supply store The Butcher Shop.

The shows are intended to tell various stories, including one about the rising and receding of seasonal wetlands before they were drained and filled by colonists.

Canning said that similar to his Fremantle ‘Containerbow’, “The Globe strives to be instantly iconic”. He said the location with its rich tapestry of businesses and diverse cultural histories helped inspire the work.

“The Globe will hopefully serve to stamp the site as centre and be a source of inspiration for the neighbourhood to continue to dream big and aspire large.

“Hovering high in the air at the site, The Globe is a big, bling beacon that will draw people in, make them think about their place in the world, and how the world is reflected in the neighbourhood around the globe.”

WA’s currently struggling with price increases and delivery times of construction materials but the pieces are scheduled to be finished by late 2022. 

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