New plans for Stirling Towers

WA housing minister John Carey says the old Stirling Towers are an eyesore and no longer up to standard.

AFTER delays and canned plans there’s a new proposal to knock down and replace the weathered Stirling Towers.

Since 2014 at least three rounds of plans to redevelop the Smith Street site have come and gone, with the long-empty towers the playground of urban explorers and graffiti artists ever since; residents were moved out above five years ago. 

Once a Homeswest tower, the new plan is to outsource construction and rental management to a community  housing provider.

WA Labor’s housing minister John Carey said he’s committed to making sure the latest plan goes ahead.

 “We all know it is an eyesore in our local community,” he said.

Housing challenges

“It is a prime example of the challenges we face in terms of social housing in Western Australia: It is one of a number of ageing assets that are no longer fit for purpose and not designed to maximise great amenity or living.”

Mr Carey said the replacement will be “a modern, mixed-tenure residential development offering social, affordable and market-price rental apartments”. 

The state will lease out the site to a community housing provider for up to 49 years, and the CHP will pay for construction costs and manage renting out the units.

The pre-tender advice says “the state will consider upfront capital contributions to assist with the financial viability of the project”. 

A proper invitation for expressions of interest will go out in March 2022.

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