Dementia park plan

A DEMENTIA-THEMED park is one potential option for the Brentham Street land, if interested buyer Rosewood Aged Care purchases the block. 

Rosewood CEO Mario Zulberti told last week’s council briefing they’re keen to buy the land for an Australia-first “dementia theme park”, set up as a park where residents could enjoy gardens and activities.

He said “we’ve had a good relationship with the school” and they’d be happy to share the space.

“Even though we would have security around the site we’d allow access to two components within the City: One would be the school children could come in at designated times,” and at other times they’d invite seniors from nearby Leederville Gardens.

They’re also keen on building an NDIS housing development.

“We see this as a great opportunity… It would be something of low intensity. We don’t have a great intention of construction on that site.” 

They would be keen on building at the front of the block, currently empty, which could be used as a site for a disability housing development subcontracted out under the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

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