Travel you can’t book

Chris O’Connor

AFTER retirement Chris O’Connor was looking for something to keep him busy, and decided to set out on a quest to visit every single library in the metro area. 

It took him a year and a half but the West Perth resident has now visited all 68. 

Mr O’Connor says good libraries aren’t just book depositories, but hubs for people. 

He cites WA state librarian Margaret Allen who retired this month and reflected on the changing role of the librarian, who once focused on books and now focuses on people: “As libraries have changed, and tried to be much more connected with the community, that people’s skills, the ability to work with people, and engage people around what we do, has really changed.”

CAN’T travel? Think again. 

No passport required, simply buy a ticket for the train or bus and upon arrival, the world can open up even further, as far as you want to go.

How can that be? 

Using your imagination and quest for knowledge, anything is possible. Read on!

One of humankind’s great minds Albert Einstein stated: “The only thing that you absolutely have to know, is the location of the library.”

How fortunate are we, within Perth and its suburbs, there are 68 Libraries, including the State Library.

All accessible by public transport and listed on the website attached: http://www.slwa.

How many of these 68 libraries have I visited? All of them, and not as a competition, simply because I love libraries.

The sense of community, the staff who are invariably fellow travellers and the access to local knowledge and activities is special and you can also explore suburbs that you have not visited before.

Sounds a bit nerdy, then give it a new name – Library Surfing – and have fun.

And my favourite library?The next one I am going to.


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