City Clean Machine a hit

Lord mayor Basil Zempilas with the CBD’s new Clean Machine.

AN on-call cleaning cart scooting around the CBD has proved so popular it’ll have its patrol extended.

Perth council brought in the solar-powered ‘Clean Machine’ (a repurposed golf cart) last September for a trial that coincided with AFL grand final week.

It was immediately popular and during the trial 120 businesses or visitors called the hotline or asked the operator to spot-clean messes as they popped up rather than waiting for scheduled cleans.

But it’s been on a short leash, patrolling just the city malls and part of Northbridge around James Street.

This week lord mayor Basil Zempilas announced the clean machine would spread its horizons due to popular demand.

“The anecdotal evidence and other correspondence into the city has been that people really enjoy it, they like the service, they contact us regularly.

“What has become particularly evident is that people like to walk up to the operator of the clean machine and say ‘hello mate, how are you going, there’s a bit of a mess just around the corner, could you come with me?’, and the operator has been more than happy to oblige. 

“As a result of the excellent service and the excellent reception it has had the city admin has extended the service”, taking in more of Hay and Murray Streets, Wellington Street up to the Perth Arena, and Roe Street in Northbridge. 

The Clean Machine has been a pretty coffer-friendly option for the council, costing them about $34,000 for four months’ service last year. 

In December complaints by Northbridge traders about the grotty, chewing-gum ridden state of their streets and paths prompted the council to spend an extra $80,000 a year on monthly heavy duty street cleanings along James Street. 

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