Letters 4.2.22

The lightbulb moment that never was 

WHILE it is great news that about one third of Vincent is likely to get underground power, the community should not be under any illusion that this is a result of anything initiated by the Vincent council or administration – it is purely a response to an offer from Western Power.

The recent history of undergrounding of power is a tale of inaction and deaf ears. It starts in 2017 when mayor Emma Cole committed to developing a plan for underground power and taking it to the community as part of her election pitch. Nothing appears to have come of that. 

Then in 2020 the community passed an AGM motion asking the city to develop a long-term financial plan for putting the power underground through the whole city – a plan based on the Subiaco model which saw the project completed over a 38-year period, and paid for by a very modest rate increase. 

The administration did not support the idea – too much work or too difficult, I guess.  

And a ‘do nothing’ council went along with the administration.

The same motion was passed by the community at the 2021 AGM.

The administration gave a similar ‘do nothing’ answer, however this time the council asked them to investigate further. 

However, it looks like all the administration did was appoint some consultants to look at the issue, but only after Western Power approached the city with a new method for paying for underground power.

So we now have an opportunity, initiated by Western Power, which will see about one third of the city getting underground power at an average cost of about $3,500.  

Fantastic news for people like me, but what about the rest of the city? 

There is no plan, there is no vision. 

We should contrast what has happened in Vincent with our local government neighbours in Subiaco and Cambridge. 

Their councils adopted proactive approaches which have resulted in all their power being underground. 

In Vincent we have a plan for about one third of the city, but nothing more.

It demonstrates the difference between being pro-active and being re-active. 

The city could have been prepared if the mayor actually did what she said she would do in 2017, and if the administration actually listened to the community in 2020.

To make matters worse, the administration is proposing to increase rates by $1-2 million next year before they even work out how the project is going to be funded. 

If they finally adopt a user-pays approach, will they pay back the $1-2 million overpaid rates?

And what about the owners in the Highgate east area who paid to have their power put underground about 15 years ago – why do they have to pay again via a rates increase?

Tellingly, the staff are also saying that 94 per cent of people recently surveyed as part of the review of the Strategic Community Plan say they rate underground power as a high priority, even though it didn’t get a single mention in the 2018 plan.

It is not that the community sentiment has changed, it is because the city did not listen to the feedback in the first place – something that has become the norm in recent years.

The future of underground power is in the hands of the council. 

They either adopt a proactive approach and develop a comprehensive model for the whole city, or they take the easy route and just leave it to happenstance.

Dudley Maier

Anyone can fall prey to scammers

EVERY human being can be scammed.

Make no mistake about it.

Scammers are everywhere, lurking around to catch you out, particularly on internet sex and dating sites.

They like to target vulnerable individuals like lonely old ugly men with one foot in the grave.

They offer hope, confidence, security, prosperity, happiness.

They give you the opposite. You cannot find a scammer, they find you and hang on like crazy – until you unload your cash savings into their account.

They appear unexpected like an angel of light.

When the going gets tough they are gone.

They are gutless bastards always hidden and disguised.

Chronic liars always. Argumentative, determined, rude, arrogant, demanding without fear or concern.

Right or wrong means nothing.

They are focused on robbery. You cannot win an argument with them or even a scuffle.

They cannot be reasoned with. Report them to police at your own peril – no sympathy from them.

“Not interested,” they will say, “you acted foolishly following their suggestions.”

When all is said and done they have not broken any laws.

Scammers do not appear face-to-face or on camera.

You will not see their handwriting, hear their voices or see a genuine photograph.

Any bit of information you pick up will be vague and false.

They use fake photos and steal other people’s names and identity.

One example is Samantha Salas.

There could be a million people in the world with that name who are genuine – twice as many are pretending.

They love to use Google hangouts which covers a multitude of sin.

Like a pawn broker, scammers know what they are hiding and you don’t.

Frankly, they do not give a damn.

With regard to sex workers generally, many of them are not in the industry at all.

They are play actors and good at it.

They can identify your weaknesses and know how you will respond when they touch a raw nerve.

The recognise your lustful thoughts and emotions.

My advice to scammers is: 

“Get a God-centred life”. Repent.

And to those who have been or will be scammed, remember God created a magnificent angel of light called Lucifer who unfortunately became the enemy Satan the devil.

In the world to this very day wandering around seeking who he may devour.

Don’t let it be you – pray to God that he will protect you from this roaring lion.

Seek not the powers of darkness, seek true light from the world’s saviour Jesus Christ and him crucified.

Raymond Conder

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