A love letter to Leederville 

IN this week’s Speaker’s Corner, as Rebekah Dawson prepares to move house she pens a paean lauding all there is to love about Leederville. 

WE are embarking on our next adventure, but I wanted to write a love letter to Leederville: To express how much I will miss you. And reflect on all of the walks; There wouldn’t have been a day where one, or all our family, didn’t walk along Oxford Street. For coffee, for wine, for the bus. 

We had our first date at the Garden and fell in love with our cute townhouse from the first moment we saw it. 

Once we walked down for the Leederville Street Festival and had a marvellous bucket of beers and cheese board at Cranked.

We used to religiously walk up to meet the gang at Oxford Hotel for Thursday members’ night. There was jumping on the bus to head into town, for Fringe. 

We had so many date nights at Pappagallos. One time telling our favourite waitress there, Sara, we were going to have a baby. 

I remember walking to mothers’ group with the pram around Britannia Oval. Walking up to the lovely doctors on Oxford Street for newborn. Wonderful mornings spent dropping Daddy off at the bus and taking the kids for a coffee and play out the back of Tentazione. 

On occasion getting to escape for much needing ‘me time’ to my beautiful beautician Leannda at Bone Fide. I fell in love with yoga at West Coast Yoga. Walking down to have many many wines and cocktails at Roberts. 

Recently walking with my son to kindy, hand in hand, while he walks on top of the brick wall outside of TAFE. Him loving walking down with Daddy for his hair cut with Adam at Oxford Street Barbers. 

But most of all I will miss the community here. My neighbours ‚Äî the most beautiful people you will meet. So many memories of street hangs and cheese and wine while the kids ride their bikes up and down the cul-de-sac. 

We won’t be too far, but I will miss all the little things that come with living in this beautiful part of the world. 

Goodbye Leederville, it’s been lovely.

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